Hasta Mudras (Hand Mudras)


Using Hasta(Hand) Mudras


Gyana and Chin Mudras

These two mudras are regularly featured in class and are the best known hand positions of hatha yoga.
They have an effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and are primarily helpful in bringing the mind into a meditative state.
As most of you will know they are practised by folding the index fingers so that they touch the inside root of the thumbs.
An alternative method is to have the index finger touching the thumb.
For Chin mudra the palms face upward and are placed on the knees whilst for Gyana mudra the palms face downwards also resting on the knees.( Occasionally you will find that some Yoga books reverse these but no matter, as long as you understand the effects, you will be able to practise them for their benefits.
They help to make the meditation asanas more powerful by creating an energy circuit that prevents the energy dissipating into the environment and directs it back through the body towards the brain.
In addition placing the hands on the knees stimulates the Gupta (Hidden) Nadi which runs from the knees along the inside thigh into the perineum and therefore stimulates the energy in Mooladhara Chakra.
This will give us a good grounding effect and help to earth us.
When the palms face upwards in Chin Mudra the chest area is opened which gives us a sense of receptivity.
We use these mudras normally when we sit for Pranayama or Meditation, however if you find yourself drifting off in Yoga Nidra it can be helpful to keep the fingers in this position to help keep the mind relaxed and attentive.
For healing purposes Chin and Gyana Mudras are both equally effective in treating mental tension and promoting memory and concentration.
They help to clear the mind.
They can be helpful for treating insomnia, depression, and high blood pressure and bring about an inner peacefulness.

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