The tradition of yoga is not just a practice for fit and healthy individuals but for everyone, of every ability, of every age, at any stage in life.

Whilst many are drawn to yoga because of the physical benefits, it is the subtle practices available to everyone that lead to the greater benefits.

Adopting a friendlier attitude towards the body opens up the possibilities to watch, to listen and observe its needs.

Becoming more aware of the breath and its influence on our wellbeing gives us the insight we need to make changes for the better.

Watching the chattering mind allows us to step back and become more aware of a more spiritual nature.

It is time to revive the idea that yoga is not gymnastics but a way of life that leads to personal development of mind, body and spirit.

Insight yoga is a gentle approach for all ages, particularly suited to those seeking a more profound Mind-Body connection. It encourages questioning and allows space for answers to appear; giving us a glimpse of what is possible both physically and mentally. It advocates safe individual practice by assuring that the physical postures are carried out in the right state of mind. Inquiries will lead us to make the right changes for the individual, giving us a clearer overall picture.

Leave behind your mental clutter and immerse yourself in the moment.

Question your body’s habitual behaviour and find ways of releasing old patterns.

Watch, Wait and Listen.

Liz Hoare (Trimurti) trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and has 28 years experience teaching Yoga and Meditation for adult education institutes and other organisations, as well as running seminars and private classes. Working with people of all ages and all abilities.



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