Ujjayi Breathing



Ujjayi Pranayama Continued.
When you have settled into a comfortable space and have made any subtle adjustments for aligning the spine so that breathing can take place without structural restrictions you can start to make a soft sighing sound (haaaaaaa...) as you exhale.
At first it is best to open the mouth on exhalation so that the sigh can be heard and felt. Make a long, smooth, soft sigh each time you exhale until you feel calm and at ease with this. (Remember no effort!)
Once you can practise this with complete ease then close your mouth and begin to make that sighing sound with the mouth closed.
You will notice that the sound is coming from your throat and is caused by a mild contraction of the glottis or vocal cords.
It will be barely audible so you may not hear it but you will feel it.
Gradually the exhalation will become smoother and perhaps last a little longer. When this feels easy and comfortable, begin to make the same sighing sound with the mouth closed as you inhale.
Do not struggle if this doesn't feel right immediately return to the sigh on the exhalation only and introduce a ratio so that you only make the sound on the inhalation every third breath. Gradually it will begin to feel very relaxing and you will be able to make the sighing sound with each inhale and exhale whilst keepin the mouth closed.
Ujjayi breathing is mainly experienced in the throat and feels as if the throat is drawing the breath down from the nasal passages where the air is filtered and warmed ready to revitalize the body and then ensuring a slow smooth release of carbon dioxide from the lungs

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