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This is a space where we can discuss our difficulties and share our experiences of Yoga practice. As teachers we do this a lot especially when we attend training sessions. I have found it really helpful to listen and learn from other people's experiences and I think it would be nice to use this space so that anyone can share what works for them in practice. I have found students to be really enterprising when it comes to using resources to help them overcome obstacles. Sometimes it may be that an alternative practice might help us to free up a part of the body and allow more flexion and increased flexibility. However let's always remember that Yoga is about being in the posture and sometimes that means exploring it from your comfort zone and questionning how to go further and following the body's natural intelligence and instinct with added help and guidance from a good teacher.
But remember as a teacher I am always learning and when you share your experiences I learn from you. So don't be afraid to post up your thoughts here!



When you post up a problem have a think about why you find the posture or movement difficult, for instance is it because you have tense shoulders or inflexible feet or a painful lower back, or maybe even laboured breathing whilst in a pose? Think about what happens and then it will be easier to make helpful suggestions.


Published by liz on Thursday, 14 November 2013, last updated on Thursday, 14 November 2013 at 4:59PM
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