Nada Yoga

I stumbled into Krishnadhyanam’s nada yoga class one auspicious evening several years ago. I had intended to attend a Kirtan but mistook the date and found myself enjoying a whole new experience in yoga practice. Since that day I have never looked back and have embarked on a magical voyage of self discovery through voice work and sound. Anyone who is interested in Sound, Music and Voice-Work and self development through the deeper practices of Yoga should look at the possibilities of attending a workshop or class with Krishnadhyanam.

Nada in Sanskrit means ‘sound’ or ‘flow’. Yoga means ‘union’. The practices of Nada Yoga therefore can be understood as the union or flowing into sound. Nada Yoga explores and incorporates all forms of sound or music in its practice and is a sure way of opening the mind and expanding our consciousness. It is said that this path of yoga is the one to which all forms of yoga eventually lead. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, after describing all the practices for yogic development – asanas, breathing, shatkarmas and bandhas, devotes much of its final section (entitled Samadhi) to the practice of Nada Yoga.

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