Nature's gift of free food

The apple tree in my garden produces an early crop and it is a great idea to collect the berries that are growing wild and use them to enhance the nutritious quality of any apple pudding.
If you have an apple tree that produces its fruit later in the year, it is well worth freezing a few berries to compliment the apples when they are ready to pick.
In many of the parks and open spaces there are blackberries to be had. They are highly nutritious and packed with vitamin C.
I grow cranberries in a hanging basket and although it is a small crop they are also great to mix and cook with apples.
Elderberries are also readily available at this time of year and they will provide excellent anti-oxidants which boost the immune system ready for the winter months.
Because it is not possible to eat a whole tree full of apples and I do not have the space to store them, I tend to give them to students attending summer classes.
Some of you have rewarded me with the most delicious fruit puddings, cakes, pies and chutneys for which I am very grateful and amazed always by the variety of different recipes.
It is amazing that we all start with one basic ingredient yet we find so many different ways of making something from it.
If you would like to share your recipes that would be great.
I know some of you are reluctant to use the forum and some find written English difficult but if you would like some help or you want me to post a recipe up for you then I am very happy to do so.
I am also grateful to students who shared their wonderful alotment vegetable crops with me. I have tasted beans that were more delicious than I ever remember, and cabbage full of flavour.

Thank you

Published by liz on Thursday, 14 November 2013, last updated on Thursday, 14 November 2013 at 5:33PM
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