Summer Lemon Cordial


Summer Lemon cordial.

When I was little my Great Aunt would make us fresh lemon cordial to drink on hot summer's days.
It was the most refreshing drink ever and I have loved it ever since.
It reminds me of her and that is really special.
We forget that when we pass on recipes to our loved ones that we give them a bit of ourselves to remember and cherish.

4 Lemons peeled (No white pith and remember always use unwaxed lemons)
Put peel in pan with 1/2 pint of Water.
Add 4 tbsp sugar.
Simmer for 10 minutes.
Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add to the pan with 1tsp citric acid. Stir well.
Pour all ingredients into jug and cover until cool then store it in fridge
Pour small quantity into a glass. (The lemon peel will sink to the bottom of the glass so don't worry about removing it.)
Dilute with water (still or sparkling) to drink.
Add a slice of fresh lemon for even more zest.

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